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The technology behind Structurally Insulated Panels has been around for decades, but is experiencing renewed interest due to the environmental benefits that come from using SIPs instead of traditional, stick-framed construction methods.

Our SIPs are a high-performance building system, mainly used in residential and light commercial construction. They are panels which are manufactured in a controlled facility and can be fabricated to fit almost any building design. The panels consist of a “sandwich” of EPS foam between two facings, or Oriented Strand Board.

EPS foam, or Expandedsip-panel2 Polystyrene, is a recyclable material. No CFCs are used in its creation, and the production of EPS foam takes much less energy than producing the typical fiberglass insulation. The OSBs are made from faster-growing, smaller trees that are harvested from plantations, thereby avoiding the need to use old-growth trees. Also, much more of the tree can be used, even the smallest scraps, reducing waste.

When you submit your building design to Edo Building Systems, our manufacturing facility will produce custom panels for your structure. They’ll then be cut and labeled for transportation to your site, where you can install them with ease – and in less time than it takes to install traditional stick-framing.

SIPs have a substantially higher R-Value compared to stick-framed walls, meaning they insulate much better and provide substantially higher energy savings. It’s not uncommon for SIP constructed homes to use up to 50% less energy for heating and cooling. SIPs also create an extremely air-tight envelope, reducing air leakage which also helps the homeowner save money on heating and cooling their home.


Improved Air Quality

SIPs do not release any volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, ensuring a safer environment for the homeowner, and adding to their desirability as a “green” building method. And since SIPs are so incredibly air-tight, indoor air quality can be closely monitored and controlled – a definite plus for allergy-sensitive individuals.

Strength and Durability

Because the construction of a SIP panel mirrors that of an I-Beam, building with SIPs can provide your home with much more strength and durability than a traditional stick-frame structure can provide. Since these homes have a higher resistance to disaster, many insurance companies offer discounts for homes built with this type of construction.

Ease of Installation

SIPs are manufactured in our Oklahoma facility and then transported to your job site for installation. Each piece is labeled, allowing for simple and quick construction. Easy installation means savings on construction costs, and quicker job completion times.

While using SIPs instead of stick-framing may seem more costly at the outset, it’s important to remember that not only will the cost be quickly recovered through the savings in heating and cooling costs, but also that SIPs are easier to install, saving on construction costs.

Building with SIPs means your home will have higher resale value, and the savings on energy costs is a valuable selling point. Additionally, local power companies often offer incentives for energy-efficient homes. The benefits are so numerous that the question becomes – why wouldn’t you want to build with SIPs?

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