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While much was accomplished through traditional building methods, a smarter way has taken root that is changing everything. Today, Edo Building Systems is manufacturing and supplying SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) to its customers.


Career Opportunities

The homes themselves elevate life for our people, but we enjoy the priceless added benefit of providing self-sustaining career opportunities. Best of all, when you work with Edo Building Systems, we can send an entire team of our best building specialists to come and train your employees…


Invest Now

Just a few reasons to consider using SIPs.  Reduce construction time by 4 weeks, Eliminate Hot and Cold spots in your home, Up to 55% labor cost savings, 31% better insulation value than a conventional wall, and much more.

Edo Building Systems


We understand that every dollar saved on housing costs means more money into the pocketbooks of the homeowner: another bag of groceries, clothing for a child or medication.  At Edo Building Systems we want to share with you what we have learned – a better way to build long-term affordable housing.  Join us in building more efficient and cost-effective housing in the communities you serve and improving the lives of your customers.


Did you know that SIPs Panels are also…

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